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CoughAssist T70 is an effective, comfortable, non-invasive airway clearance solution for adult and pediatric patients who are unable to cough or clear secretions effectively.

CoughAssist gradually applies air pressure to the patient’s lungs, followed by a rapid reversal of airflow direction. This process loosens and clears bronchial secretions in a way that mimics a deep, natural cough.

CoughAssist doesn’t require coordinated effort or glottis control and is a viable option for patients who lack muscle strength due to neurological and neuromuscular conditions.

An effective cough keeps airways clear to reduce respiratory infections

Coughassist augmentation

CoughAssist patients report:

  • It’s “easier to breathe” after using CoughAssist
  • “Reduced cough effort” and “increased ease of expectoration”

Clinical studies show that mechanical insufflation-exsufflation therapy:

  • Increases quality of life due to decreased acute illness-related episodes 1,2
  •  Combats loss of chest wall compliance and lung compliance 3
  •  Mitigates and reverses microatelectasis 4

Valuable data and insights

CoughAssist offers an SD card that captures device use data, which healthcare providers can then review to better assess the patient’s therapy status. Are there problems with adherence? Could patient comfort and outcomes be improved? With the SD card data, RespirTech analyzes CoughAssist use to help providers ensure their patients receive an effective treatment plan.

We’re here to help

Our licensed respiratory therapists and registered nurses offer in-home training to teach patients how to use CoughAssist with a mask, tracheostomy connection or mouthpiece connection. Our specialists follow up by phone to monitor patient progress at regular intervals and our customer support team is available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT, Monday-Friday.

CoughAssist enables me to not only stay on top  of my pulmonary hygiene with airway clearance,  but it also helps to expand the chest muscles…. My quality of life is  improved simply because I can breathe easier  and feel better after each treatment.”

- Juri K.

Registered Respiratory Therapist and patient


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