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Proof isn’t just numbers, it’s people. People like you, who had trouble breathing from various chronic respiratory conditions, who shared how they are now breathing better and enjoying life with help from airway clearance therapy.

Bronchiectasis and COPD

Video - Autumn battles repeated lung infection



Autum battled repeated lung infections from COPD and bronchiectasis for years until InCourage vest therapy helped change her quality of life.

Video - Marjorie M., CA, Bronchiectasis



After six weeks of using her InCourage system, Marjorie started to notice she was breathing easier. 

Bill C



At the age of 73, golf enthusiast Bill C. was diagnosed with bronchiectasis after experiencing shortness of breath and a near-constant, problematic cough.


*Patient not pictured

Video - Seifer

Frederic D. Seifer, MD, Pulmonologist


When Dr. Eric Seifer prescribes InCourage vest therapy, he knows he is making a long-term difference in the lives of his patients.

Bruce vest


"Since I started InCourage airway clearance therapy, there have not been any hospital or ER visits.* I can breathe again. My wife, four kids, nine grandchildren and I thank you!”

*Individual results may vary.

Cystic fibrosis

Video - Jordan heals with the help from InCourage vest therapy


With help from InCourage vest therapy treatments, Jordan swims competitively, plays the flute and has earned a black belt in karate.

Dylan and pam

Dylan and Pam


RespirTech co-founder, Pam, and her son, Dylan, explain why the InCourage system is an important part of Dylan’s cystic fibrosis treatments.

Christina S., H

Christina S., H
Mother of children with cystic fibrosis


“My husband and I love the InCourage system. We noticed a more vigorous/productive session our older son had with his InCourage system over our younger with [the competitor’s vest]"

Angie W., TX

Angie W., TX
Mother of child with cystic fibrosis

“We chose RespirTech due to the triangular wave form difference. The hoses attached and locked, [and] when you’re keeping up with an energetic 15-month-old, the locks were a necessity.”


Kylee A.
Mother of child with cystic fibrosis


“This has been a night and day difference from [a competitor’s vest]. Thank you for great customer service, and a less stressful experience and the colorful well-fit vest.”


Megan N., NJ.
Parent of child with cystic fibrosis


“Aidan was among the first users of the InCourage vest, fourteen years ago. He has used the vest daily and it has helped his lungs stay in awesome shape. We attribute a lot of it to his diligence with the InCourage system, 365 days a year.”

Pulmonary issues from neuromuscular/neuromotor conditions

Video- Gavin uses InCourage vest therapy



Born with neurological disorders and tracheomalacia, Gavin uses InCourage vest therapy to enhance his quality of life.

Respirtech stories Chris

Chris G., CA
Quadriplegic patient


“[It’s] helped me loosen up secrections in my lungs to make it easier to cough up or suction out! It’s user friendly [and] very comfortable to wear either in bed or in my wheelchair."

Respirtech stories Mary L

Mary L., DE.
Parent of child with muscular dystrophy


“In years past, my son has been sick with an upper respiratory infection every month, requiring antibiotics. Since he started using the machine, he has not even had to go to the doctor.”

*Patient results may vary. Patient not pictured, RespirTech image.

Respirtech stories Keren D

Keren D., AZ
Mother of man with spina bifida and CP


“My son has been using the InCourage system for the past 1½ years. His breathing has improved, his airways are clearer… We are really pleased with the InCourage system and how it has improved [his] life."


*Patient results may vary. Patient not pictured, RespirTech image.

Respirtech stories Kimberly

Kimberly J., KS
Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT)


“I manage the Respiratory Care Team for a quadriplegic patient. Thank you for providing a terrific piece of equipment that makes our job easier to manage secretions and comfort level all at the same time.”


*Not pictured, stock image

Respirtech stories Elizabeth

Elizabeth M., NC
Mother of child with cerebrovascular disease


"Super easy to use. Love the simple set up. We got it way faster than we estimated. My son’s breathing has improved so, so much.”

You're welcome to share your story with us.
You’re welcome to share your story with us.


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