23,000+ patients using Philips InCourage vest therapy are living, breathing proof

A powerful pairing ​

InCourage vest therapy + RespirTech’s patient support program = improved patient outcomes​


InCourage is the only high frequency chest wall oscillation device that has a peer-reviewed outcomes study derived from the largest non-CF bronchiectasis registry in the world. Patients reported after 12 months with Philips InCourage vest therapy supported by the RespirTech patient support program:1,2

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Yearly rate of hospitalization decreased

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Good-excellent rating increased

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InCourage vest therapy helps treat symptoms of patients who have respiratory conditions, like bronchiectasisCOPDcystic fibrosis, and other pulmonary disorders that can be caused by neuromuscular or neuromotor conditions.

Why choose the Philips InCourage system for your patients?

How to prescribe InCourage vest therapy for your patients:​


A RespirTech sales representative in your territory would be happy to help answer any questions you may have about obtaining the Philips InCourage system for your patients.

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Real people. Real results.
Proof isn’t just numbers, it’s people who had trouble breathing from various chronic respiratory conditions, who shared how they are now breathing better and enjoying life with help from InCourage vest therapy.


1. Methodology: Phone surveys at regular intervals with bronchiectasis patients using the InCourage system. Data collection began 10/01/2013. As of 05/31/2021, the total cohort was 23,213 patients; 21,049 patients completed the baseline survey; 13,303 patients in 1-month cohort; 9,569 in 6-month cohort; 7,720 in 12-month cohort

2. RespirTech's bronchiectasis patient outcomes program consists of follow-up calls at periodic intervals for up to two years to encourage HFCWO adherence and ensure the device is properly set for individual needs.

3. Milla CE, Hansen LG, Weber A, Warwick WJ. High-Frequency chest compression: effect of the third generation compression waveform. Biomed Instrum Technol 2004; 38:322-328. Note: 8 CF patient study comparing triangular vs. sine waveform technology.

4. Kempainen RR, Williams CB, Hazelwood A, Rubin BK, Milla CE. Comparison of high-frequency chest wall oscillation with differing waveforms for airway clearance in cystic fibrosis. Chest. 2007;132(4):1227-1232.


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