FAQs – inCourage System

What is the inCourage System?

The inCourage Airway Clearance Therapy, manufactured by RespirTech, provides a well-established form of airway clearance therapy called vest therapy. Vest therapy has been prescribed since 1988 for more than 120,000 people with airway clearance needs.

The inCourage System equipment consists of 1) an inflatable vest, 2) two interconnecting hoses and 3) a pulsating therapy unit (PTU). The therapy works by administering rapid but gentle air pulses to the chest to help clear airways. These pulses work to:

  • Loosen mucus lodged in the airways
  • Thin sticky, thick secretions to promote clearance
  • Produce airflow to move secretions out of the lungs permitting clearance by cough, swallowing or suctioning
  • Accelerate clearance time and increase the amount of mucus removed.

Therapy with the inCourage System is highly effective, comfortable, and very easy to use:

  • All areas of the lungs are treated at the same time
  • Some aerosolized prescription medications (nebulizer treatments) may be used during treatments (ask your doctor for specific instructions)
  • No special skills are necessary
  • Little or no caregiver assistance is required
  • For most users, it may be used independently

What makes the inCourage System different?

The inCourage System incorporates recent advances in vest therapy technology, design and comfort.

Triangle Waveform: The shape of the air-pulse waveform delivered by vest therapy machines is shown to be important in maximizing mucus clearance. inCourage Airway Clearance Therapy delivers an air pulse that is shaped like a triangle with a rapid rise in pressure, a sharp, gentle peak followed by a rapid fall in pressure.

  • A comparison of triangle versus alternative sine waveform technology found an average volume increase of 20% in mucus cleared – in some cases over 40% – with the inCourage System technology generating the triangle wave form.1
  • Triangle waveform therapy may be more effective because peak airflow and maximum air volumes occur at the same frequencies during treatment.
  • Evidence suggests triangle waveform therapy may be more comfortable because the duration of peak pressure is shorter.

inCourage Comfort Vest: The design improves comfort and ease of use.

  • QuickFit feature permits precise sizing, important to gain maximum benefit
  • Precise vest size and fit ensures consistent therapy
  • Active venting improves comfort and adherence to therapy
  • Widest range of standard vest sizes are available

Standard and Custom Programming: The inCourage System is pre-programmed to provide easy-to-follow instructions with an easy-to-understand menu. The machine is equipped with a touch button digital control panel and a choice of three simple treatment sessions to provide reliable, individualized treatments.

QuickStart: A pre-programmed 30-minute session that begins immediately and ramps up and down through a full range of therapeutic frequencies.

Auto Pause: A pre-programmed 30-minute session that pauses at five-minute intervals for users to perform huffing and coughing maneuvers. Sessions are resumed with a simple touch of a button.

Multi-Step: A programming feature that permits users to enter and save up to three individualized sessions containing up to 12 steps.

Therapy Unit Design: The pulsating therapy unit (PTU) has a compact, portable design.

How do I get started with the inCourage System?

inCourage Airway Clearance Therapy is made available through a doctor’s prescription. Use our discussion guide to start a conversation with your doctor.  If you have any questions or would like assistance in placing an order, call us during business hours (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST, Monday through Friday), or you can leave a message after hours and we’ll return your call the next business day. Call toll-free at 800.793.1261 or 651.379.8999 or email us.

What results may I expect from the inCourage System?

Nearly twenty years of clinical experience and over 80 research studies show the benefits of vest therapy, also known as high frequency chest compression/high frequency chestwall oscillation therapy. As with all medical treatments, results vary from user to user. After starting therapy, adherent patients may notice the following benefits:

  • Easier breathing
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Improved energy levels
  • Reduced use of antibiotics and other medications

  • Fewer respiratory infections
  • Fewer hospitalizations

  • Greater capacity for exercise

  • Greater volumes of secretions cleared
Fewer clinic or doctor visits

What should I look for in a vest therapy system?

While vest therapy systems use many similar components, there is a difference in performance. Make certain the vest therapy system:

  • Maximizes mucus removal from airways
  • Allows for deep breaths during therapy
  • Offers a large selection of vest sizes to optimize fit and therapy
  • Features locking hoses that won’t fall off during therapy

See how the inCourage® System compares to other airway clearance systems.

What are the indications for use?

inCourage Airway Clearance Therapy is indicated when a physician determines that a patient with secretion clearance needs will benefit from vest therapy. The system promotes improved clearance of mucus from the lungs and this is a beneficial and often critical component to effectively treating conditions characterized by inadequate airway clearance.