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After 40 Years of Antibiotics and Declining Quality of Life, It’s Back to Camping for this inCourage System User

California native Marjorie M. was diagnosed with COPD and asthma in her early twenties, which led to several bouts of chronic bronchitis and pneumonia each year. “I was on antibiotics every month for the last 40 years,” said Marjorie. “I became allergic to five medications that I can no longer take.”

Marjorie’s quality of life kept declining over time. As an avid camper who loves to explore new places with her husband, this was devastating. “It kept me from going places because I felt too sick,” she said. She underwent two bronchoscopies and suffered through many hospitalizations before receiving a diagnosis of bronchiectasis.

Having been on medications for so long, when Marjorie’s pulmonologist suggested inCourage® Airway Clearance Therapy, she jumped at the chance. “Since I’ve had the machine, it’s been awesome, but it didn’t happen overnight,” said Marjorie. “I do it 30 minutes a day, twice a day. You cannot expect to get better if you don’t use the machine [or] use it sporadically.”

After six weeks of using her inCourage System, Marjorie started to notice she was breathing easier. “I’m able to do more. I’m able to wash a load of clothes and fold them without feeling totally wiped out,” Marjorie describes. “The machine is the greatest thing because it helped me get back the quality of life that I wanted.”

“I’ve used the inCourage System for over two years. I haven’t had to take antibiotics,” Marjorie said.* “I have so much more energy, more of the desire to want to do things. It’s completely changed my life. The inCourage System has done what they say it should do. It cleaned my lungs, it’s kept them clean.”

Marjorie and her husband recently took her inCourage System on a camping trip to Tahoe. “We’re [at] 7,000 feet and breathing is a little harder up there because the air is a lot thinner,” said Marjorie. “We walked through a campground looking at all the sites. I did fine. I’m not housebound anymore because I’m too tired.”

“Life is too short to go around not feeling good all the time. If you can have the opportunity to have something that will help you, take it,” said  Marjorie. “Once you start feeling better, that’s when your life just gets started.”