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Registered Respiratory Therapist Speaks to the Effectiveness of inCourage® Airway Clearance Therapy

Jane Rubinov was exposed to many asthma triggers growing up on a farm in the rural Midwestern prairies. Recurrent asthma-related pneumonias landed her in the hospital on multiple occasions, prompting her to pursue a profession as a respiratory therapist.

Now, with more than 40 years of experience as a registered respiratory therapist, Jane has worked in PFT labs, assisted with bronchoscopies and specialized in critical care services. Currently working at a prescribed pediatric extended care facility in southern Florida, Jane provides services for medically fragile special needs children.

“Over the years of involvement in direct patient care, I have witnessed the use of various devices for airway clearance,” Jane said. “I believed that manual CPT was the BEST way to assist in airway clearance, based on past experience with other devices. Wrong! I had to see it to believe it. The inCourage System has proven to be the most effective of all of the devices I have used.”

In fact, she is such a strong advocate for the effectiveness of inCourage Airway Clearance Therapy that she chose to become a patient trainer for the RespirTech team, which she said was an easy decision.

“After seeing such amazing results with some of our really difficult respiratory pediatric patients, I wanted to become more involved with an organization that produces this equipment and fully supports our patients and their families,” said Jane. “I’m very impressed with the follow up and communication that takes place between the patient, physician and all the members of the RespirTech team.”

To Jane, patient comfort is key when recommending an airway clearance device. “The inCourage [Comfort Vest] is consistently reported to be a more comfortable vest to wear,” Jane mentions. “I’ve heard complaints from other vest users that they feel as if they are being suffocated during therapy. The [inCourage] System consistently provides comfort and ease of use. It is also much quieter. I believe this increases compliance for patients.”

In addition to comfort, Jane is also impressed that the inCourage System is very user friendly, easy to clean, and portable thanks to its convenient travel case. “Fun [device decal] stickers and vest designs make it more interesting!” said Jane.

For Jane’s patients, inCourage Therapy has truly made a difference. “I’m thrilled when I receive feedback from my patients and their families about the success they have been able to achieve with their new inCourage System,” Jane said. “Previously, four of our 100 percent bedbound patients had been repeatedly hospitalized for accumulation of secretions. Since they have received their vest therapy, no hospitalizations have occurred for them as of yet. This is great news for the patient, the families and the insurance payers.”

Jane has heard many patient success stories, but wanted to share a recent highlight. “Another senior patient in my community began her inCourage Therapy a few months ago,” said Jane. “She contacted me to tell me about how great she is feeling, and she states that she has ‘gotten her life back.’ She loves to dance and celebrate life in a whole new light now. I’m really happy for her.”