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Prompt Customer Service Eases Toddler's CF Treatment Routine

Three-year-old Blake S., from Pennsylvania, was hospitalized three times for cystic fibrosis (CF) before he was 18 months old, prompting the family to make the switch from manual chest physical therapy to vest therapy.

“Blake’s pulmonologist ordered the [inCourage® Comfort] Vest for us, and while Blake was still in the hospital, I got a call from a RespirTech Customer Care member, right away,” Dave said. “They asked me a few questions, let us choose the design for our vest, and we got it within a couple days.”

According to Dave, good customer service made the entire ordering process easy. “A respiratory therapist personally delivered the inCourage System, and taught us how to use it,” said Dave. “Any time I’ve needed to order a new vest as Blake grows, it arrives very quickly.”

Additionally, Dave feels inCourage Airway Clearance Therapy makes treatment time much more beneficial. “It is SO much easier than manual chest PT, and more effective! Blake’s coughs are more productive after doing vest treatment,” Dave said.

Blake has not been back to the hospital since he began using the inCourage System more than two years ago. “He is better able to battle when he gets a cough or cold,” said Dave. “This results in less antibiotics being prescribed, and less trips to the doctor.”

In addition to Blake’s improved health, Dave appreciates the inCourage System’s convenient features. “This is a great system due to its hands-free capability,” said Dave. Blake is able to enjoy therapy time by playing and watching videos.

Dave also feels the design of the inCourage System makes it very user friendly. “The system is easy to transport, and comes with a nice carrying case,” Dave said. “Kids can choose the print of their vest or matching stickers, to make it more fun and personalized.”

The family is thankful that inCourage Therapy fits seamlessly into Blake’s CF treatment routine. “We try to let CF affect his day-to-day life as little as possible,” Dave said.