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inCourage® Airway Clearance Therapy Enhances the Life of Four-Year-Old Gavin

Gavin was born six weeks premature with a variety of neurological disorders and tracheomalacia. “He looks healthy on the outside, but the main issue he has is a floppy windpipe, which collapses when he’s coughing or sick,” explains Allison, Gavin’s mom. “Mucus is his number-one enemy. He would get a cold and it would turn into pneumonia every single time.”

For the first year of his life, Gavin’s parents tried many methods to treat his recurring pneumonias, from different oils and medications to chest physical therapy.

Nothing seemed to help until they tried inCourage Airway Clearance Therapy. “Our pulmonary doctor knew that he would be a great candidate, knowing that he can’t expel mucus on his own,” said Allison. “Since he started the inCourage System, he has a lot of energy. It helps his body do what it can’t normally do to get mucus out and has a huge impact on his little lungs. It makes his quality of life better in the way he can breathe. It has changed our lives. It’s changed Gavin’s health so much.”

In addition to enhancing Gavin’s quality of life, Allison notes that the inCourage System’s design makes it easy to assist her four-year-old with therapy time. “He can clip his vest on, and the one-touch start is easy to use,” Allison explains. Additionally, the inCourage System offers active venting, which allows his chest to easily expand during therapy. “He can take a breath, and it allows him to be more comfortable when he’s using it.”

Gavin can play throughout therapy due to the locking hoses that connect securely to the inCourage Comfort Vest. “He will remind us that he needs to do his vest because he enjoys time he gets to play with cars, watch movies, or read books,” Allison said. “Gavin gets excited when he talks about his inCourage System. He really enjoys his vest. He thinks it’s cool.”

Treatment is incorporated into Gavin’s daily routine, twice a day in 30-minute increments. When Gavin starts to get even the smallest cough or sniffle, he uses his vest up to four times a day to combat the mucus. The positive impact on Gavin’s health makes the time spent worthwhile. “It’s not a hindrance to our life. It just enhances his life,” Allison said.

“I would tell a family that’s going through this not to be scared of the new system,” explains Allison. “It’s easy to use, you can travel with it. It’s going to change your life and it will make you or your child feel much better.”

Allison feels the RespirTech Customer Care team is second to none. “When you call and have a question or if you need stickers or a new vest, they ship it out to you,” mentioned Allison. “The one thing they said was, ‘No child should ever not have a vest.’ The care they have for Gavin and for all their patients has meant the world to us. Thank you for having the inCourage System, and for helping Gavin get through those hard times when he’s not feeling good.”