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Eight-Year-Old Determined to Live Life to the Fullest With Help From inCourage® Airway Clearance Therapy

Cillian was born with DiGeorge Syndrome, a chromosome deletion that affects his airway, thymus gland and heart. “Along with numerous congenital heart defects, Cillian also has tracheobronchial malacia or floppy airways,” said Kara, Cillian’s mom. “Mucus gets trapped where his airway constricts and he is at a greater risk to get pneumonia.”

For the first few years of his life, Cillian’s treatment plan consisted of antibiotics, steroids, and oxygen used intermittently throughout the day. Cillian had many bouts of pneumonia and ER visits despite manual chest physical therapy performed four to six times per day.

A Respiratory Therapist by trade, Kara knew that vest therapy would benefit Cillian.

While Cillian suffered from several additional spells of severe pneumonia, Kara worked closely with Cillian’s pulmonologist and the RespirTech customer care team to obtain coverage for the inCourage System.

Since beginning inCourage Therapy, Cillian’s quality of life has improved. “He has only had pneumonia two times and it was very mild both times,” said Kara. “We have decreased the number of daily breathing treatments and he rarely needs to use oxygen during the day anymore. All of these things allow him to play and move around freely.”

Cillian speaks highly of his inCourage System. “It feels like a back rub,” said Cillian. “I can put it on myself. I play video games, play with my toys, [and] sometimes I fall asleep while it’s on.”

Kara appreciates the inCourage System because it is easy to use with intuitive programming. However, the biggest benefit of therapy has been keeping his airways clear. ”He doesn’t need to be tied to oxygen and treatments all day and his oxygen levels and respiratory rate are more normal now,” Kara said. “He is determined to live his life to the fullest.”