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Golfer Gets Back on the Course with Help From inCourage® Airway Clearance Therapy

At the age of 73, golf enthusiast Bill C. was diagnosed with bronchiectasis after experiencing shortness of breath and a near-constant, problematic cough. “The cough was so deep that my stomach muscles were sore all of the time and I avoided most social situations for fear of embarrassment. I wouldn’t attend plays or movies, or anywhere that is quiet with a crowd,” Bill said.

His condition worsened when he would get devastating colds that kept him bedridden. “If I walked across the room I would have to stop and catch my breath,” explained Bill. “I’m a golfing nut and usually played five times a week while walking the course. The shortness of breath had taken the walking out of the equation and I was forced to ride a cart.”

Bill’s pulmonologist explained that while bronchiectasis wasn’t reversible, getting the mucus out of his lungs would greatly improve his quality of life. The doctor suggested a high frequency chest compression vest. “I started searching information on vests and chose the inCourage System,” said Bill. “The inCourage System seems to be of the highest quality. It is extremely well designed.”

Wasting no time, Bill decided to move forward. “My doctor sent a prescription to RespirTech, and in a few days a representative brought the inCourage Comfort Vest to my home and spent about an hour showing me how to use it. I started feeling results at the start of the third week and from then on my life really started to improve,” he said.

Bill’s experience with RespirTech’s customer service went far beyond initial training as he settled into routine with the inCourage System. “The Customer Care team communicated with me often, asking how things were going and answering my questions. I started a routine of using the vest before breakfast while reading the news for 30 minutes, then in the evening before dinner, the same thing. I just put the vest on, push a button, and let it work while I read,” he said.

The results from his vest therapy speak for themselves. “I’ve had the inCourage System for about nine months and it has really been a game changer for me. I haven’t had a cold since I started using it!” Bill said. “My terrible cough has decreased by about 90 percent, so movies and plays are back now. I’m sure my wife would say the end to the coughing was the best thing about inCourage Therapy.”

“When golf season started, I was thrilled to find that I could once again walk the course five times a week,” he said. “For me it was a blessing and I would recommend anyone in a similar situation as mine to look into vest therapy.”