Personal Stories

Encouraging Stories from inCourage® Airway Clearance Therapy Users

inCourage Therapy has positively impacted many people, from changes to their health as well as their quality of life. It continues to touch lives in memorable ways. Several of our users have shared their experiences with us and have expressed an interest in sharing them with others. This impact is reflected in their personal stories.

Pulmonologist Sees Visible Difference in Patients’ Lives With inCourage Therapy
— Dr. Eric Seifer, Pulmonologist
inCourage System Enhances the Life of Four-Year-Old Gavin
— Gavin D., MN, Tracheomalacia
After Years of Antibiotics & Declining Quality of Life, it’s Back to Camping for inCourage System User
— Marjorie M., CA, Bronchiectasis
Teenager Doesn’t Let CF Define Her Life
— Jordan S., MN, Cystic Fibrosis
Decreased Cough and Improved Respiratory Health
A diagnosis of bronchiectasis left golf enthusiast, Bill, with shortness of breath and a near-constant, problematic cough. With the help of inCourage Airway Clearance Therapy, he is back on the course and his cough has decreased by 90 percent. Read More
— Bill C,, MN, Bronchiectasis
The inCourage System Paid for Itself in First Year
“The year before [my husband] got [the inCourage System], he was in the hospital three times. Since he received it, he has not been to the hospital. The inCourage System paid for itself the first year he had it. Thank you very much for providing him a quality life.”
— Sonja B., NC, Bronchiectasis
Significant Decrease in Hospitalizations
“Both of my children have cystic fibrosis. The inCourage System is the simplest to use and has a protocol built in that has been very effective. In the over three years we have been using this, my son has not been hospitalized and my daughter has only needed one hospitalization. I highly recommend the inCourage System.”
— Jennifer F., CA, Mother of children with Cystic Fibrosis
Highly Recommend Over Competition
“An insurance mix up allowed us to try two different units, yours – and a competitors. It was a hands down unanimous decision by all of us that your unit was the winner! The kids agreed the inCourage [System] was more comfortable, fit better and was less abrasive. I like the unit best because of its compact design, and simple, user-friendly controls. The locking hoses are an added bonus!”
— Kristin R., FL, Parent of children with Chronic Respiratory Conditions
Loosens Mucus
“ALS secretions are difficult to manage. The [inCourage Comfort] Vest is the best piece of equipment to loosen them, and it makes suctioning easier.”
— Michael L., SC, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
Overly Impressed With RespirTech
“We chose RespirTech due to the Triangular Wave Form difference. The hoses attached and locked, [and] when you’re keeping up with an energetic 15-month-old the locks were a necessity. Great kid-friendly colors and a travel case to make it easy to transport every day to childcare. I am overly impressed with our Customer Care Representative and RespirTech.”
— Angie W., TX, Parent of child with Cystic Fibrosis
Turning Point In My Health
“After years of battling lethal mold in both of my lungs, one lung had completely collapsed. I endured risky surgeries, was put on medications and even underwent chemotherapy for mold, none of which succeeded. [My pulmonologist’s] wise suggestion to try RespirTech's high compression vest has been a turning point. The [inCourage Comfort] Vest has not only helped with eliminating the deadly mold, but has improved the strength and quality of my voice.”
— E'Vette Z., CA, Bronchiectasis
Decrease in Upper Respiratory Infections
“In years past, my son has been sick with an upper respiratory infection every month, requiring antibiotics. Since he started using the machine, he has not had to even go to the doctor.”
— Mary L., DE, Parent of child with Muscular Dystrophy
I Was Able To Breathe Without Any Problem, With Clear Lungs
“I was without it [inCourage System] for about six weeks because of surgery; and I was really sick, coughing up and choking on my phlegm. …when I was allowed to wear it again, after two days I was no longer coughing, I was able to breathe without any problem, with clear lungs.”
— Susan S., CA, Bronchiectasis
CPT Becoming Unbearable With Active Baby
“Doing manual CPT for our son was starting to become unbearable. Preston started the inCourage System and we haven’t looked back. He plays, dances, cuddles and even sleeps when using his inCourage Therapy. As parents, it helps knowing we are helping our son be as healthy as possible while not having him dread treatment time.”
— Renee S., SC, Parent of a child with Cystic Fibrosis
It’s The Biggest Transformation In My Entire Life
“I’d been coughing nonstop. I’d be so exhausted all I could do was lay down. That’s changed since I’ve been using the inCourage System. It’s the biggest transformation in my entire life. I would get tired after sewing for 15 minutes, now I can make and line an entire suit in a day. I’m living my life again. My friends and family have noticed the difference in my energy level. Now I can take a deep breath and enjoy it, actually smell a flower and not just look at it.”
— Sherry L., CA, Bronchiectasis
Better Fit and More Comfortable Treatment
“Switching to the inCourage System has been so nice. The [inCourage Comfort] Vest is a better fit for me and makes for a much more comfortable treatment. I love that it is pre-programmed, all I have to do is hit the button and go.”
— Krista W., CA, Cystic Fibrosis
I Now Have Energy To Cut The Grass
“I’ve been very pleased with the therapy, as there’s a noticeable difference in the way I feel. In fact, because the therapy is working, I now have energy to cut the grass.”
— Thomas L., OR, Bronchiectasis
Improved Breathing
“Super easy to use, love the simple set up. We got it way faster than we estimated. Everyone was amazing! My son’s breathing has improved so, so much. He looks forward to his treatments.”
— Elizabeth M., NC, Mother of child with Cerebrovascular Disease
Clearing Airways More Effectively and Efficiently
“The system has enabled me to clear my airway more effectively and efficiently. This factor resulted in an overall better feeling of health and had therefore improved my quality of life.”
— Melvin N., PA, Respiratory Failure, Lobar Pneumonia, Tracheostomy
Better Breathing, Clearer Airways, Improved Sleep
“My son has Spina Bifida and Cerebral Palsy and has been using the inCourage System for the past 1½ years. His breathing has improved, his airways are clearer, he sleeps better, and he doesn’t get the headaches that he used to get. We are really pleased with the inCourage System and how it has improved [his] life.”
— Keren D., AZ, Mother of man with Spina Bifida and CP
Durability Matters to Mom of Four
“‘Dynamic’ is the word I use to describe the inCourage System. Small, very light, and packs easily in a rolling travel bag. Being able to throw the vest in the washing machine and not have to worry about durability is vital. Hands down, RespirTech’s system is the best on the market!”
— Lisa W., SC, Mother of child with Cystic Fibrosis
My Patients Request to Only Use the inCourage System
“I manage the Respiratory Care Team for a quadriplegic, ventilator-dependent patient. We used to have routine bronchoscopies for mucus plugging every three to four months. Now we have gone as long as nine months without needing a bronchoscopy. Thank you for providing a terrific piece of equipment that makes our job easier to manage secretions and comfort level at the same time.
— Kimberly J., RRT, KS, Caregiver for Quadriplegic Patient
My Voice Is Stronger and I’m Not Coughing
“My breathing has improved, my overall health has improved, and my coughing has almost completely subsided. I can do more, I go to church and I don’t interrupt the services with coughing. People comment that I sound better. My voice is stronger and I’m not coughing.”
— Kathy G., FL, Bronchiectasis