Morbidity and mortality from stroke is associated with pulmonary complications arising from neurologic deficits including hemiparesis, swallowing abnormalities and alterations of consciousness. These impairments interfere with airway protection and effective clearance of pulmonary secretions, resulting in a higher risk for aspiration, atelectasis, pneumonia and hypoxemia.

  1. Rhodes DJ, Lemons NV, Coupland DJ, Orr SC, Soto RD, Gomez CR. Simultaneous Application of Vibrating Vest and Cough Assist Device Improve Respiratory Function in Stroke Patient. Univ of Alabama-Birmingham, Birmingham, AL. Presented at the 28th International Stroke Conference, Phoenix, AZ. 2003. [Abstract ID: 100980; Pub Number: P322]
    Ten acute stroke patients treated with a combination of HFCC/HFCWOand a mechanical cough-assisting device for at least 3 days showed significant improvement in forced vital capacity (FVC) [p= 0.0001] and minute ventilations (Ve) [ p=0.02] as well as a positive trend in SpO2 [p=0.08] compared to no significant improvements in a control group receiving CPT only.

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