HFCC, Fitting and Tuning

Strategies to individualize and automate high frequency chest compression (HFCC) protocols may improve treatment efficiency and efficacy

  1. Budd JR, Warwick WJ. Fitting and tuning a bronchial drainage high frequency chest compression device. Am Rev Respir Dis 1990; 141: A 814.
Shortly after high frequency chest compression devices became available for clinical use, the inventor and a colleague devised a protocol to ensure maximum efficacy for individual patients. The method, used for the first 64 HFCC patients 1) determined proper jacket fit by using measures of airflow at the mouth to find comparable peak flows for all lung volumes and 2) ascertained best therapeutic frequencies by selecting a mixture that achieved best frequencies for a) average induced peak flow b) the volume of air moved at the mouth for each air pump pulse.
  2. Milla CE, Hansen LG, Warwick WJ. Different frequencies should be prescribed for different high frequency chest compression machines. Biomed Instrum Technol 2006; 40 (4): 319-324.

    HFCC treatment frequencies may be prescribed according to the manufacturers’ generic guidelines or may be determined for each individual patient by a “tuning” method that measures, at the mouth, the air volume displacement and the associated airflows produced at each frequency. This paper describes a protocol for finding the best frequencies and pressures for individual patients based upon a sample of 100 consecutive tunings. Data showed that every frequency from 6 and 20 Hz was a best frequency for at least one patient.

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