Bronchiectasis is a term for irreversible lung damage resulting from recurrent episodes of infection and inflammation triggered by any disease or condition complicated by mucus hypersecretion and/or retention. Clinical symptoms include daily copious sputum production, chest pain and shortness of breath associated with airflow limitation and recurrent respiratory infections. Progression is marked by increasingly frequent, severe episodes of exacerbation.

  1. Gupta S, Siddiqui S, Haldar P, et al. Qualitative analysis of high-resolution CT scans in severe asthma. Chest. 2009;136(6):1521-1528.
    Demonstrated that when high resolution CT scanning was performed on patients with documented severe asthma, abnormalities were noted in 80% of the patients and bronchiectasis was noted in 40% of the patients studied.
  2. Martinez-Garcia MA, Soler-Cataluna JJ, Donat Sanz Y, et al. Factors associated with bronchiectasis in patients with COPD. Chest. 2011;140(5):1130-1137.
    Demonstrated bronchiectasis, revealed by high resolution CT scanning, to be present in 58% of patients with moderate or severe COPD. If patients had a history of significant respiratory infection or hospitalization for a respiratory exacerbation the probability of bronchiectasis was significantly higher.
  3. Silverman E, Ebright L, Kwiatkowski M, Cullina J. Current management of bronchiectasis; review and 3 cases. Heart Lung; 2003; 32 (1): 59-64.
    Three case reports describe secretion management in bronchiectasis patients using a combination of airway clearance interventions including high frequency chest compression (HFCC)/high frequency chest wall oscillation (HFCWO). Although the contribution of HFCC/HFCWO to the significant improvement of all three patients cannot be quantified, the therapy is judged “…equally safe and effective when compared to CPT during acute pulmonary exacerbations, with the advantage of being easier to administer, less expensive, and less time consuming.”

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