Annotated Bibliography

The Annotated Bibliography describes studies on the airway secretion clearance technology used in the inCourage® Airway Clearance Therapy which is referred to as High Frequency Chest Compression (HFCC). Some studies also refer to the technology as High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation (HFCWO), External Chest Wall Oscillation (ECWO), High Frequency Chest Wall Compression (HFCWC) or High Frequency Transthoracic Ventilation (HFTV).

Studies are listed alphabetically by subject and then by author within three areas:

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Please note that some of these studies may involve findings that exceed the claims currently cleared by the FDA for vest therapy. RespirTech’s intent is to disseminate the scientific literature on the therapy, not to make performance claims about its therapy. The inCourage® Airway Clearance Therapy is a tool intended to increase mucus clearance in patients with pulmonary disorders and is not a treatment for any specific disease state or condition. We encourage you to read these studies to understand the strengths and limitations of the data. Click here for Full Prescribing Information.