Bronchiectasis (bron-kee-ech-tuh-sis) (BE) is a common but frequently undiagnosed condition where the airways of the lungs are abnormally widened and scarred.1

Symptoms that may be indicators of BE include:

  • Declining lung function2
  • Chronic productive cough3
  • Chronic mucus secretion of sputum (phlegm)3
  • Repeat antibiotic use for chest infections2,4
  • Need for supplemental oxygen2,4
  • One or more hospitalizations in the last year2,4

BE causes your airways to lose their ability to clear out mucus, which can lead to chronic inflammation and infections.5 While there is no cure for patients diagnosed with BE, early detection and airway clearance therapy can lead to a better quality of life and slow or prevent future lung damage.5 The goal is to clear out mucus before it builds up, making it harder for bacteria to grow.

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