About Us

We’re dedicated to improving the quality of life for those living with respiratory complications. It’s our singular focus, and a commitment shared by each of us at RespirTech. That same commitment and vision inspired Warren Warwick, M.D., and Lee Hansen, MPH, to develop the technology for children with Cystic Fibrosis at the University of Minnesota.

Lou and Pam Mertz are parents of a CF child who is a patient at the University of Minnesota CF Center. As CF Center Director, Dr. Warwick approached the Mertz family with an improved design of vest therapy and they saw an important care need for all CF children in this new technology. The Mertzs, along with founding CEO Mario Nozzarella, started RespirTech in 2004. Since that time, the organization has served thousands of CF and other patients with secretion clearance needs.

Today their ideas are found in the unique triangle wave pulse produced during inCourage® Airway Clearance Therapy – and is used by thousands of patients with a wide range of conditions that will benefit from airway secretion clearance therapy.

From vest design details to specific therapeutic pulse frequencies, our doctors, researchers and engineers are dedicated to improving the comfort and effectiveness of airway clearance therapy.

An idea that started with two men and 16 CF patients.

Vest therapy, also known as high frequency chest compression (HFCC/HFCWO) was developed, patented and introduced by Pediatric Pulmonologist Warren Warwick, M.D., and Leland Hansen, MPH, in the early 1990’s to provide more effective secretion clearance for University of Minnesota cystic fibrosis patients.

Since then, their airway clearance technology has been well established as safe and effective therapy in more than 80 clinical studies and to a broader array of respiratory conditions such as bronchiectasis.